Welcome to Metaforce Universe Wikia!

This wiki has been created for all fans and followers of the Metaforce Universe comic and story created by Shadzerios in DeviantArt (Discord: Shadzerios🐊#4381). The story tells how the multi-verse of Tyrsan was created and the story leading to what it is today. The comic tells about the present time and brings us a protagonist, a human cyborg from a planet that did not have connection to International Galaxy Network (IGN) before hand, and after the Ragnarök events hit full force onto her home planet protagonist is in the nick of time saved by a nearby scouting shit. Together with the reader in a first seat get to experience together with protagonist the confusion and wonders of united galaxy as they and protagonist struggle to learn about the new boundaries and rules of International Galaxy Network (IGN).

The comic is sci-fi fantasy directed towards teenagers and adult audience. Therefore before reading the comic please note that the comic pages themselves may feature violence, major character deaths, deep thinking, heavy thoughts on psychology and real life struggles that may not be suitable for children and young individuals. If you are aware of unable to handle easily irritating subjects such as depression, poor mental health or insanity you are advice to approach with caution.

This wikia is not complete! 

This wikia is still in progress as new characters are being added and more information is being gathered about the world and story about Metaforce Universe. New information is being updated every week about the characters, factions, planets and new species appearing within the universe.

Most pages will be immediately updated after new information has been published, however there can be pages such as characters that may not be updated straight away due to handful of characters not belonging to the creator of the comic. The current other character creators for Metaforce Universe are Silv8r from DeviantArt. This isn't a professionally run one yet so it will be updated at the convenience of the admin(s); there is a lot of information and a lot of characters to keep track of.

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